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Vin sans alcool

Night Orient Chardonnay

0.0% alcohol

Succumbto temptation

Night Orient Chardonnay, produced from a vivid, golden Spanish grape variety, is a dry white wine. This straw-yellow wine opens with notes of ripe white fruit and citrus alongside floral and mineral touches.

On the mouth, it is a smooth and full-flavoured wine with delicate and deep acidity. After a burst of floral aromas, it is rounded off with a beautifully lingering finish marked by confectionary notes. This elegant alcohol-free wine is characterized by plenty of intensity and vivacity but no aggressiveness. 

It is an excellent accompaniment for white meat and goes well with seafood.

  • 0.0% alcohol
  • Available in 37.5cl and 75cl bottles
  • 23.1kcal/100ml
  • Between 6° and 8°
  • Chardonnay

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