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Vin sans alcool

Night Orient Merlot

0.0% alcohol

Powerfuland mild

Night Orient Merlot is made from a red grape variety with small dark berries: Merlot, grown on chalky soil in the La Mancha area under the Spanish sun.

An alcohol-free wine with a beautiful, intense ruby colour, it offers a palette of aromas created by small red and black berries, raspberries, blackcurrants and violets. Melting on the palate, this is a dense wine that lingers. It can be drunk when still fairly young and reveals a surprizingly spicy bouquet with age.

This fruity and pleasant wine is recommended for almost every dish and goes especially well with meat in sauce and game. 

  • 0.0% alcohol
  • Available in 37.5cl and 75cl bottles
  • 20.9kcal/100ml
  • Between 10° and 12°
  • Merlot

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