Vendome Mademoiselle


0.0% alcohol

Vendôme Classic

0.0% alcohol

The perfect organic dry sparkling wine, to be enjoyed as an aperitif as well as with meals

Alcohol-free Vendôme Classic Organic emits the aromas of pear, melon, peach and white flowers. With its lime nose, this is a charming and delicately sparkling wine on the mouth. It is punctuated by bubbles, giving it lightness and agreeable contrast, freshness and a long finish.

A sparkling wine to savour as an alcohol-free aperitif or on a subtle fruit dessert. Simple and festive!

  • 0.0% alcohol
  • Available in 20cl and 75cl bottles
  • 18,7kcal/100ml
  • Between 6° et 8°
  • Airèn
Vin bio sans alcool
Champagne sans alcool

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