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Vendome Mademoiselle


0.0% alcohol

Vendôme Merlot

0.0% alcohol
Vendôme Mademoiselle sans alcool

The perfect organic alcohol-free red wine for every meal

Vendôme Merlot Organic alcohol-free wine is made from a red grape variety with small dark berries, grown on chalky soil. With its dark, intense ruby colour, our Merlot offers a superb aromatic range. It emanates aromas of dark berries such as blackcurrents and blackberries as well as cherry and plum. From the very first sip, the palate is immersed in notes of leather , undergrowth and spices. Vendôme Merlot is supple in the mouth, with a good balance, persistent tannins and a dry finish.

This alcohol-free wine, with its agreeably fruity and accessible taste, is recommended as an accompaniment for almost every meal, especially with meat in sauce and game, and can be enjoyed at any moment.

Vin bio sans alcool
Vendome vin rouge Merlot sans alcool bio

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