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Vinao vin bio sans alcool pour restaurateurs


Sparkling Classic

VINA’0° Classic is an organic sparkling wine releasing bold flavours and a fine, refreshing mousse. It evokes subtle apple and watermelon aromas. It adapts naturally to the role of an aperitif, but it is a great accompaniment to desserts as well.

Vin pétillant bio sans alcool
Rosé pétillant bio sans alcool


Sparkling Rosé

Beyond its elegant mousse and its pomegranate colouring, VINA’0° Rosé is a refined, well-structured sparkling wine. This classy rosé, with its distinctive bouquet, presents a nose full of gorgeous red berries and a hint of citrus. Its finesse makes it the ideal partner to your alcohol-free festivities.


Le Merlot

VINA’0° Merlot is a delightful organic red wine which is mellow and rounded on the palate with a lovely finish. Its aromatic range is expressive presenting a nose of dark berries like blackcurrant and bramble, and also cherry and plum. It is most at home alongside meats served with a sauce, game and on any occasion.

Vin Bio Merlot rouge sans alcool
Vin Bio Chardonnay blanc sans alcool


Le Chardonnay

VINA’0° Chardonnay, a dry white wine whose grape variety bursts forth with a nose of white blossoms, hazelnut, almond and citrus

It has a pale straw colour, and is bold, yet refined perfectly balancing freshness and delicateness. It will go particularly well with fish dishes.


Le Rosé

VINA’0° Rosé is an organic wine with an appealing pale pink hue that scintillates in your glass. It reveals an expressive nose full of red berries. It will pair delightfully with spicy food, grilled dishes and summer salads.

Vin rosé Bio sans alcool