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Vendome Mademoiselle

Sparkling rosé

0.0% alcohol

Vendôme Rosé

0.0% alcohol
Vendôme Mademoiselle sans alcool

The perfect festive sparkling wine for your appetizers and desserts

Vendôme Sparkling Rosé Organic is a result of the subtle combination of several grape varieties. An airy, sparkling rosé, elegant and harmonious, it is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. An alcohol-free, fruity, pale pink wine, it combines delicacy and vivacity. The mouth is light and gentle. The delicate, elegant bubbles are wonderfully persistent before bursting on the surface and releasing a blend of ripe strawberry and tangy titbits.
The aromas linger in the mouth, highlighting the sweetness and smoothness introduced from the very first sip.

A lovely sparkling rosé, ideal as an alcohol-free aperitif as well as for parties and celebrations.

Vin bio sans alcool
Vendome vin petillant rose sans alcool bio

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