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Night Orient Cocktail zero

Alcohol-free sparkling and still wines


The Night Orient production and dealcoholization process ensures that all the wines' original qualities and flavours remain intact.

Alcohol-free certified

The low-temperature vacuum dealcoholization technique guarantees our wines and cocktails a 0% alcohol level

Night Orient Cocktail zero

Your favorite cocktails without alcohol

Dry month? Nothing is easier with our mocktails 0% alcohol and 100% fun

Vendôme Mademoiselle Vin sans alcool

Authentic and organic alcohol-free wines

Finally a pure organic wine - sparkling white or sparkling rosé - or Merlot, Chardonnay or rosé, with the authentic taste of real wine. Continue to enjoy your favourite wines with style but without the negative effects of alcohol.

Vendances Mademoiselle sparkling wine alcohol free

Organic vine - Organic sparkling and still wines

The sweet vineyards of Spain still accessible but without alcohol! Taste our certified alcohol-free wines and of course organic wines! 

Vinao vin bio sans alcool pour restaurateurs

The real organic non-alcoholic wine

The real taste of Merlot, Chardonnay or rosé wine but without alcohol and above all guaranteed ORGANIC! Take care of yourself and your loved ones while still allowing yourself the little things in life.

Alternative sans alcool aux Spiritueux

The must-have ingredient for all your non-alcoholic cocktails. Are you a fan of spirits? You will be seduced by its healthy version, full of freshness and spiciness, without alcohol!