Dame assise profitant d'un Merlot Night Orient entourée de ses livres favoris


It was in 2009 that Arnaud Jacquemin started his alcohol-free drinks business. A pioneer in this market, he prepared innovative, festive and elegant recipes bringing “alcohol-free” to everyone’s lips at international fairs. Today, Univers Drink supplies 49 different countries with over two million bottles sold per year.
Univers Drink began by offering two champagne-like sparkling drinks with its Night Orient brand before widening its range four years ago, thank to a range of organically-certified alcohol-free wines called Vendôme. The Night Orient festive alcohol-free drinks family was then widened to include “ready-to-drink” mocktails such as Mojito, Spritz, Pina Colada and Margarita. In order to expand its offering and meet the needs of spirits fans, Univers Drink has developed a whole range of spirits alternative beverages such as Gin and Amaretto.


Today, not drinking alcohol, occasionally or permanently, no longer necessarily means boredom. On the contrary, between Dry January and Tournée Minérale, periods of abstinence have now become popular. People of course think straight away of pregnant women or sports people but there is now increased awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol, whether in terms of road safety, public health or quite simply individual well-being. Because it puts sustainability at the heart of its values, Univers Drink develops local partnerships and calls on the services of companies based in Europe to produce its drinks which encompass a wide range of flavours and aromas. This unique dealcoholisation know-how for sparkling and still wines guarantees 0.0% alcohol content. Real added-value in the aperitif drinks landscape.

Homme servant du Vendôme Mademoiselle dans un verre
Homme tenant les nouveaux cocktails sans alcool 20 cl


Since it was founded in 2009, Univers Drink has stood out thanks to the quality and originality of its alcohol-free beverages, available in a wide range of flavours and aromas. Gradually, it has made a name for itself thanks to the trust placed in it by two large supermarket chains (Carrefour and Delhaize), and also due to the quality of its products. Today it is the market leader in Belgium and Europe for non-alcoholic party drinks. Univers Drink is present in over 49 countries. As proof of its qualities, it has received more than twenty awards over the years, confirming its position as the leader in non-alcoholic aperitifs.