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The alcohol free sparkling wines will brighten up your evenings with their fruity and sparkling notes. They are made from a blend of grape varieties that delicately enhance your aperitifs with their subtle flavours of exotic fruits such as mango and passion fruit.

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The Night Orient range of alcohol free beverages made from dealcoholized white wines, offers Chardonnay and Sauvignon. These non-alcoholic drinks, based on dealcoholized white wines, have fruity, balanced aromas and flavours, similar to traditional wines with alcohol. You can enjoy them on their own or pair them with food, for example with fish and poultry, or desserts. Let yourself be tempted by these drinks made from dealcoholized wine, perfect for accompanying relaxing and convivial occasions.

Our alcohol ree alternative to rosé will also delight your taste buds! Made from the Spanish Tempranillo grape, this non-alcoholic drink based on dealcoholized wine will transport you with its holiday vibe and tropical fruit flavours such as mango and passion fruit.

The alcohol free red wine, made from dealcoholized Merlot grapes, goes wonderfully with richer, more elaborate dishes. With an inviting ruby red colour and subtle notes of red fruit and spices, it will delight your palate. Whatever the occasion, Night Orient alcohol-free drinks, made from dealcoholized red wine, offer a delicious, relaxing experience.

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Night Orient is the first range of alcohol free drink launched by Univers Drink, it offers a wonderful selection of alternatives to wines, bubbles, cocktails, liquors, and now alcoholic beers to accompany your moments with family or friends.

Dive into the world of still and sparkling drinks made from dealcoholized wine Night Orient whose flavors are similar to those of alcoholic flat and sparkling wines. The manufacturing and dealcoholization process of Night Orient preserves all the original organoleptic qualities and flavors of the wine respecting the art of winemaking, the low-temperature vacuum dealcoholization technique ensures that our alcohol free beverages made from dealcoholized and sparkling wines maintain their original qualities and flavors alcohol content of 0.0%.

One diverse range of mocktails full of flavors and colors for all occasions. This range of alcohol free cocktails with different flavors and colors are perfect for aperitifs and evenings with friends. A unique and colorful tasting experience that will delight your taste buds and allow you to spend unforgettable and relaxed moments. Night Orient offers in its collectionthe most comprehensive assortment of alcohol-free, ready-to-drink cocktails for you to discover. Enjoy on any occasion, a colorful, fruity, and delicious mocktail from our collection.

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