Night Orient alcohol-free wines, sparkling and cocktails

Night Orient is the first range of alcohol-free drinks launched by Univers Drink. It offers a magnificent selection of wines, bubbles and non-alcoholic mocktails to accompany your moments with family and friends.


Dive into the world of Night Orient flat and sparkling alcohol-free wines, whose flavours are so similar to traditional wine and bubbles that it is difficult to tell the difference. Night Orient's production and dealcoholization process preserves all the original organoleptic qualities and flavours of the wine while respecting the art of winemaking. The low-temperature vacuum dealcoholization technique ensures that our wines and sparkling wines have an alcohol content of 0.0%.

Homme tenant les nouveaux cocktails sans alcool 20 cl


A varied range full of flavours and colours for all occasions. This range of non-alcoholic cocktails with different flavours and colours are perfect for aperitifs and evenings with friends. A unique and colourful tasting experience that will delight your taste buds and allow you to spend unforgettable and relaxed moments. Night Orient offers in its collection the most complete assortment of non-alcoholic and ready-to-drink cocktails that you can discover and enjoy on any occasion, a colourful, fruity and gourmet mocktail from our collection.


The alcohol-free Sparkling wines will brighten up your evenings with their fruity and sparkling notes. They are made from a blend of grape varieties that delicately enhance your aperitifs with their subtle flavours of exotic fruits such as mango and passion fruit.


The Night Orient non-alcoholic white wine range offers a variety of non-alcoholic wines made from Chardonnay and Sauvignon grapes to complement its selection. These non-alcoholic white wines have fruity, balanced aromas and flavours similar to traditional white wines. You can enjoy them on their own or with meals, desserts or even fish and poultry dishes. Let yourself be seduced by these non-alcoholic white wines, which are perfect to accompany your moments of relaxation and conviviality. Whatever the occasion, non-alcoholic rosé wine will delight your taste buds! Made from the Spanish Tempranillo grape variety, it will give you a holiday feeling with its exotic fruit flavours such as mango and passion fruit. The non-alcoholic red wine made from the Merlot grape variety, which goes perfectly with richer and more elaborate dishes. Its ruby red colour invites you to taste it and its subtle notes of red fruits and spices will delight your taste buds. Whatever the occasion, the Night Orient non-alcoholic red wine will offer you a relaxing and gourmet break.


The Mojito is a traditional cocktail of Cuban culture, made with soda, lime, and fresh mint leaves. It is served with crushed ice and garnished with lime and mint slices, and cane sugar. It is considered one of the most popular cocktails in the world. The Strawberry Mojito is a non-alcoholic cocktail that the whole family can enjoy "without moderation" to delight your taste buds all summer long. The Bellini is an emblematic cocktail of the city of Venice. It is made with bubbles and white peach puree. The Spritz is a tasty, chilled non-alcoholic cocktail with a slice of orange, to be enjoyed with friends or family. The Hugo will immediately seduce you with its floral flavours of elderberry and fresh mint.


The Sangria with Spanish flavours and fresh fruit will surprise you with its originality and freshness. The Pina Colada with Caribbean scents on a note of pineapple and coconut cream is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to savour. The Margarita with strawberries and lime zest will seduce you with its colour and tropical flavours. The Caipirinha with lime juice to give you a fresh and tangy taste.

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night orient

Totalement innovante, Night Orient est la première gamme de boissons sans alcool lancée par Univers Drink. Elle a d’abord accueilli deux élégantes alternatives au champagne, le Night Orient Classic et le Night Orient Rosé. À ces deux piliers de la marque sont venus s’ajouter quatre vins 0% : deux blancs (le Sauvignon et le chardonnay), un rosé (le Tempranillo) et, depuis 2021, un rouge (le Merlot).

Present in Belgium and around the world, the initial products easily won themselves a place in the sun, thanks notably to their characteristic taste. Beverages whose taste can easily be mistaken for that of sparkling and still wines thanks to a unique dealcoholisation process created by Univers Drink.

Following the rapid success enjoyed by Night Orient in the alcohol-free market, Univers Drink has developed an outstanding range of festive mocktails, both aromatic and colourful, to enjoy but allow you to keep your head straight.