Finally an opportunity to drink sparkling and still wines but wake up with a clear head the next day. The process used to manufacture and dealcoholise Night Orient preserves all the original organoleptic qualities of the wine. The low-temperature dealcoholisation under vacuum technique guarantees our still and semi-sparkling wines have 0.0% alcohol content.


night orient

Night Orient is the first range of non-alcoholic beverages launched by Univers Drink and is completely innovative. It initially boasted two elegant alternatives to champagne: Night Orient Classic and Night Orient Rosé. Four non-alcoholic wines have been added to these two brand staples: two white wines (the Sauvignon and the Chardonnay), one rosé (the Tempranillo) and, since 2021, a red (the Merlot).

Present in Belgium and around the world, the initial products easily won themselves a place in the sun, thanks notably to their characteristic taste. Beverages whose taste can easily be mistaken for that of sparkling and still wines thanks to a unique dealcoholisation process created by Univers Drink.

Following the rapid success enjoyed by Night Orient in the alcohol-free market, Univers Drink has developed an outstanding range of festive mocktails, both aromatic and colourful, to enjoy but allow you to keep your head straight.