Savour the richness of flavours with Night Orient's alcohol free liquors : Limoncello, Pisang, and Anisé. These alcohol free alternatives capture the essence of traditional flavours, offering an incomparable sensory experience.

Limoncello, with its zesty, refreshing notes, will transport you to the Italian sunshine. Pisang, exotic and fruity, evokes the tropics with its distinct banana flavour. As for Anisé, it will appeal to fans of spicier, grassier flavours. Perfect for elegant aperitifs or moments of relaxation, these Night Orient liquors promise moments of pure pleasure, to be enjoyed without moderation.

Express your creativity by incorporating them into your non-alcoholic cocktail recipes or enjoy them on their own for an experience full of finesse and sophistication.

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Night Orient, Univers Drink's revolutionary brand, stands out as the company's first line of alcohol free drinks. Two chic alternatives to champagne, Night Orient Classic and Night Orient Rosé, were launched at the dawn of the company's history. To this solid foundation, the brand added four de-alcoholised wine-based drinks: two whites (the Sauvignon and the Chardonnay), a rosé (the Tempranillo), and in 2021, a red (the Merlot).

These first creations quickly won a place of choice on the international market, including Belgium, seducing palates with their surprisingly similar flavour to traditional sparkling and still wines. This similarity is the result of a unique desalcination process developed by Univers Drink. Building on the growing success of Night Orient in the world of alcohol free drinks, Univers Drink has now enhanced its collection with the introduction of new non-alcoholic liquors: Limoncello, Pisang, and Anisé.

These delicious additions to the already extensive range of festive and colourful Night Orient mocktails promise to revolutionise aperitifs and moments of relaxation. Each liquor offers a unique taste experience, inviting creativity in the making of non-alcoholic cocktails or to be savoured neat for a refined and sophisticated tasting experience. Night Orient continues its innovative journey, bringing new dimensions of pleasure and finesse to lovers of alcohol free drinks.