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Excellence in alcohol-free drinks

Univers Drink, a specialist in alcohol-free beverages, has been producing festive and elegant drinks since 2009. We use a unique production process which gives our sparkling and still wines an array of flavours and aromas with the same features as alcohol-based wines.

A unique process

The low-temperature vacuum dealcoholization process we use to produce our sparkling and still wines extracts every trace of alcohol to obtain totally alcohol-free drinks. The process represents a real innovation on the sparkling & still wines market, ensuring that Univers Drink stands out clearly from other producers.

Vin sans alcool

Innovations rewarded by success

Night Orient and Vendôme Mademoiselle regularly receive recognition from private customers and professionals alike, winning awards like the Best Product of the Year in 2018 and a Gold Star from the International Taste & Quality Institute in 2019.

These awards testify to the wines’ gustatory and organoleptic qualities and have helped Night Orient and Vendôme to build an ever-growing community of consumers for over ten years.

Taking care of themselves

Our wines are for all everyone who cannot or does not want to consume alcohol: pregnant women and responsible drivers
as well as people who find the taste and effects of alcohol disagreeable or unnecessary.