Night Orient launches its first refreshing, tasty alcohol-free beer

Univers Drink, an innovative Belgian company renowned in the field of non-alcoholic beverages, is proud to present its first alcohol-free blonde beer in this month of February 2024. This alcohol-free beer represents a light and refreshing alternative to traditional blonde beer, while preserving authentic flavors for an extraordinary thirst-quenching experience.

Arnaud Jacquemin - CEO Univers Drink

An alcohol free Blonde Beer filled with flavors

The alcohol free Blonde Beer from Night Orient offers a unique tasting experience. Refreshing and light, it is designed for those who want to enjoy a quality beer while avoiding alcohol. With its subtle notes and refreshing character, it is perfect for sunny days, gatherings with friends, and moments of relaxation.

Enjoy the present moment with Night Orient.

This alcohol-free Blonde Beer is an invitation to fully savor the present moment without restraint. Night Orient continues to meet the expectations of consumers seeking alcohol-free alternatives without compromising taste or quality.