The alcohol-free aperitif: impress your guests

The non-alcoholic aperitif is of medicinal origin and traditionally Italian, it has its original flavour from the infusion of aromatic herbs, lemon peel and zest. Today, the alcohol-free aperitif is the ideal partner to accompany your petits fours and appetizers. In our culture, the non-alcoholic aperitif is available in many ways. Cocktails, Mocktails, Beers, White wines, Red wines, Sparkling wines... A variety of compositions to share good moments.

The aperitif: a privileged and cultural moment in France and in Europe

The aperitif is highly anticipated. It is an opportunity to relax and have a good time with friends, colleagues or even family. It is customary to bring a small bottle of your favourite drink to enjoy with friends. For consumers who do not drink alcohol, the choice is often limited to soft drinks and fruit juices. However, many professionals are beginning to reverse this trend with increasingly sophisticated, creative, subtle and gourmet non-alcoholic aperitifs.

The alcohol-free aperitif: a moment of sharing

The aperitif is a moment of gathering. It brings together people of different ages, social classes and genders. Some drink alcohol, others do not. The reasons for this choice can be diverse: pregnancy, medical prohibitions, religious reasons or a genuine lifestyle choice. Not drinking alcohol at an aperitif can be difficult. It can be complicated to deal with socially, both for the host and the non-drinker.

The new alcohol-free aperitifs bring a touch of finesse and sophistication to your events. Alcohol no longer federates the aperitif. The moment itself is what counts. Everyone can enjoy a good drink. Low-pressure de-alcoholisation process under vacuum. New quality non-alcoholic aperitifs with an alcohol content of 0%. Authentic aromas are preserved to the maximum. Guarantees the flavours and taste consumers are looking for.

What are the current trends for alcohol-free aperitifs?

Mocktails, vins sans alcool, apéritif italien sans alcool, apéritif sans alcool bio et mousseux sans alcool sont disponibles. Vin pétillant, mousseux et cava sans alcool sont également proposés. Toutes ces boissons sans alcool sont conçues pour satisfaire tous les désirs des consommateurs d’apéritif.

The star non-alcoholic aperitif of the moment is the mocktail. A new generation of non-alcoholic cocktails, very elaborate, which has the merit of deceiving your palate! Alcohol-free wine and its organic counterpart. Ideal for lovers of good things and epicureans, the various non-alcoholic wines will delight the most demanding palates. It's a subtle trend.

It appeals to adults who do not drink alcohol as an aperitif or during a meal.

How to choose a non-alcoholic aperitif?

All Univers Drink range

There are several options available:
A bottle of Wine
A bottle of sparkling wine

Spirits to prepare cocktails such as :
Gin and tonic
Pina Colada
Dry Martini

Stay on top of trends in non-alcoholic aperitifs.

There are many options to explore.
Colours, flavours... Everything is possible!

Brighten up your events and special moments with friends, alone or at a reception for young and old.
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