Alcohol-free white wine took its place on the wine market at the same time as alcohol-free red wine many years ago. Its production and preservation processes and the grape varieties used to create Alcohol-free white wine have evolved, with the technique of low-temperature desalcination under vacuum guaranteeing a 0.0% alcohol content in the wines.

What is the best alcohol-free white wine?

Vendome Mademoiselle Chardonnay
Bouteille de vin blanc Chardonnay 75 cl Night Orient sans alcool
Night Orient Chardonnay is a dry white wine made from Spanish grapes with bright, golden grapes. Straw yellow in colour, with notes of ripe white fruit and citrus with floral and mineral touches.

Bouteille de vin Sauvignon 75 cl Night Orient sans alcool
Night Orient Sauvignon alcohol-free white wine is made from bright, golden Sauvignon grapes. Classified as a dry white wine with a pale yellow colour, it opens with notes of ripe white fruit and citrus with floral and mineral touches. Ideal for fish and seafood dishes.

Bouteille de Chardonnay 75 cl de Vendôme Mademoiselle sans alcool

Vendôme Mademoiselle Chardonnay organic alcohol-free white wine is a dry wine made from grapes with a bright, golden colour. This ample and elegant wine is characterised by an easily recognisable fruity aroma. It goes perfectly with mother's products or as an aperitif with a drop of crème de cassis.

Bouteille de Chardonnay sans alcool 75 cl Vina0
Le vin blanc bio sans alcool Vina’0° Chardonnay est un vin blanc sec issu de raisins éclatants exprimant des arômes de fleurs blanches, noisettes, amandes et d’agrumes. Idéal pour  vos plateaux de fruits de mer et fromages.

Bouteille de Vin blanc Vendanges sans alcool 75 cl
Vendanges Mademoiselle organic white wine without alcohol is a deep and delicate wine. In its attractive yellow colour, it is elegant and refined. A tangy aroma, rich in citrus fruits, but also in nutmeg or white flowers. Ideal for salads and cheese meals.