Night Orient

Alternative to Spirits
12 Botanics
70 cl
alcohol free drink

Spring freshness to spruce up your aperitif alcohol free drink

Gin is a spirit highly appreciated by white alcohol and cocktail enthusiasts, to the extent that the existence of a non-alcoholic version might surprise many. It has been created centuries ago. Now there is Night Orient Alternative to Spirits 12 Botanics, a gin alternative, light and dry, with typical citrus aromas, ideal for a classic 'Gin and Tonic,' but also suitable for countless cocktails. Juniper berries, cardamom, coriander, oranges, bitter oranges, lime, cinnamon, orange blossom, violet, hibiscus, lavender, and myrtle are the 12 botanics present in our Alternative to Spirits 12 Botanics Night Orient. Choosing to take care of oneself, one's body, feeling better, it's a whole new mindset !

 0,0 % alcohol  28,28kcal/100ml |  Between 6° and 8°
 Ready-to-drink or base for cocktails
 Available in 70cl bottles



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