Univers Drink's non-alcoholic drinks win an avalanche of international medals

Image d'une personne servant un Mojito Night Orient sans alcool

Two gold medals at the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge

In the heart of the Dry January and at the start of the Mineral Tour, Univers Drink received three new awards for its flagship brands Night Orient Bulles et Vins, Night Orient Mocktails and PVREZERO Alternative aux Spiritueux . These non-alcoholic festive drinks have made a name for themselves internationally Challenge Gilbert et Gaillard and have been awarded several medals for the qualities of its non-alcoholic drinks. Univers Drink carries out in-depth research to place taste at the centre of its priorities in order to offer its customers diversity and, above all, an exceptional taste and sensory experience.

This is not the first time that Univers Drink has won various competitions for alcohol-free drinks. Indeed, since its creation in 2009, Arnaud Jacquemin and his team can proudly display a 50 awards granted to the four corners of the world. This proves that the Liege-based company has always succeeded in demonstrating a guarantee of quality and know-how that has been perfected over the years. Today, there are no fewer than 44 products that Univers Drink offers. These different references have been developed mainly around the great classics revisited without alcohol.

This variety of products and their carefully developed flavours by Univers Drink are the strengths of which the leader in alcohol-free products can be proud. Arnaud Jacquemin, CEO of Univers Drink : "The Night Orient Classic is the company's first product. It is the ultimate party drink for people who do not wish to consume alcohol. The Night Orient Mojito is one of Univers Drink's bestsellers and has been developed to make your aperitifs festive and easy to prepare. The PVREZERO Amaretto, one of the latest additions to the family, completes the range that I wanted to create and grow. We are looking to create a range that will suit everyone, from bitter to sweet, from aperitif to dessert.

More than ever, Arnaud and his team are involved in this adventure, which is close to their hearts, and are responsible for promoting and marketing their tasty products in some fifty countries.


The consumption of alcohol, which is part of the routine of many Belgians, is not without impact. In fact, in Belgium, it is the cause of 10.5% of deaths, i.e. approximately 10,000 deaths per year. This makes alcohol consumption the second most common cause of avoidable death, just behind tobacco. 

Why not challenge yourself by participating in the 8th edition of the mineral tour which will begin on 1 February 2023? An opportunity to get back on track without getting frustrated.


Image d'une personne servant un Mojito Night Orient sans alcool récompensée d'une médaille d'or

The ready-to-drink Night Orient Mojito non-alcoholic cocktail won a gold medal with a score of 85%.

Its pale green colour and pleasant nose evoke fresh mint. On the palate, it reveals a nice roundness and fresh aromas. The finish is acidic but remains very harmonious. A non-alcoholic mojito ready to be enjoyed on any occasion.

Bouteille de PVREZERO Alternative to Amaretto récompensée d'une médaille d'or

PVREZERO Amaretto without alcohol, gold medal winner with a score of 88%.

It has an amber colour and an explosive nose full of flavours of roasted almonds, dried fruit and kernels. On the palate it is syrupy, not heavy, but polished and fresh. The toasted edge occupies the finish nicely and its taste in the mouth. This alternative to non-alcoholic spirits is a nice dessert drink.

The Night Orient Classic non-alcoholic sparkling wine also won a silver medal with a score of 83%.

With its clear colour and nose revealing fruity aromas of pears, quinces and exotic fruits, it is round in the mouth. A simple, accessible style, offering a very suitable balance for this de-alcoholised sparkling wine.