Night Orient, the refined alternative to alcohol-free Prosecco

When it comes to sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages, Night Orient Classic and Night Orient Rosé stand out as exquisite choices for those seeking an elegant alternative to alcohol-free Prosecco. Carefully crafted and inspired by the nightlife world, this drink captures the essence of Prosecco while offering a delightful non-alcoholic experience.

In this article, we delve into the world of Night Orient. Its unique blend, production process, and flavor profile embody the elegance of alcohol-free Prosecco.


Night Orient, an alcohol-free Prosecco that is indistinguishable.

Night Orient Classic is not a Champagne as it does not come from the Champagne region in France. It is also not a Prosecco as Prosecco originates from Italy. Night Orient Classic and Night Orient Rosé are sparkling wines that combine tradition and innovation, reminiscent of the renowned alcohol-free Prosecco.

While Prosecco draws inspiration from the Italian wine heritage, Night Orient Classic follows the same path by carefully selecting ingredients and creating a blend that reflects the elegance and charm of its alcoholic counterpart. This semi-dry sparkling wine provides flavors that embody the sparkling refinement of alcohol-free Prosecco.

This non-alcoholic alternative is not alcohol-free Prosecco or alcohol-free Champagne, but it creates the illusion of them. This craftsmanship results in a non-alcoholic beverage that rivals the elegance of its alcoholic counterpart, which can be enjoyed by everyone at any time.

Fruity pleasures

With delicate fruity notes, aromatic spices, and subtle citrus nuances, each sip offers a symphony of flavors. The balance and smoothness of this non-alcoholic beverage create a luxurious mouthfeel, reproducing the pleasant experience of enjoying an alcohol-free sparkling wine.

Just like Prosecco, Night Orient Classic offers an atmosphere of refinement during nighttime occasions. Whether it's for an intimate rendezvous or a special event, this non-alcoholic alternative enhances your evenings with its presence. Night Orient allows you to add a touch of class to any occasion.

Bouteille de Night Orient Classic Pétillant sans alcool 75 cl
Bouteille de vin rosé pétillant 75 cl Night Orient sans alcool

Versatility and serving suggestions

The versatility of Night Orient Classic and Night Orient Sparkling Rosé lends itself to various serving options. Enjoy it chilled in an elegant glass for a refreshing solo experience, or explore its potential as a base for creative mocktails. Add your own personal touches and garnishes according to your preferences. Its flavors make it an excellent sparkling wine to accompany a variety of delicious dishes, appetizers, cheeses, or desserts.

Night Orient Classic and Rosé elevate your evenings with elegance, as if you were savoring non-alcoholic Prosecco

Crafted with precision using real alcoholic wines, and carefully removing all alcohol through vacuum evaporation, this beverage becomes a must-have for those seeking a sophisticated and alcohol-free experience. With each sip, Night Orient elevates your evenings, adding a touch of luxury and pleasure reminiscent of the famous Italian sparkling wine.


Night Orient Classic stands out as a refined non-alcoholic beverage, channeling the elegance and allure of Prosecco. Carefully crafted, this drink offers a sensory experience that reflects the pleasure of its alcoholic counterpart.

Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or seeking moments of togetherness, Night Orient is the perfect choice for those who desire the elegance and sophistication of non-alcoholic Prosecco. So, uncork a bottle and embrace the pure delight that awaits you in every sip.

Bouteille de sangria de 100 cl sans alcool Night Orient
Bouteille de Piña Colada 75 cl sans alcool Night Orient
Bouteille Margarita Strawberry 75 cl sans alcool Night Orient