The mocktail, this new generation of cocktails, has established itself as the benchmark for alcohol-free consumers. The mocktail is offered in several variants. Examples: alcohol-free gin and tonic, alcohol-free bellini, virgin mojito, alcohol-free spritz and alcohol-free pina colada. Everything is possible! There are as many mocktails as there are cocktails in the world.

A short story: the trend that is shaking up our parties!

There is a difference between a alcohol-free cocktail and a mocktail. A non-alcoholic cocktail is a drink made with several ingredients, without the taste illusion of alcohol. A mocktail, on the other hand, is similar to a classic cocktail, and questions the presence of alcohol. The word "mock" means "to imitate". A mocktail is a non-alcoholic version of the original cocktail, which resembles it in both taste and style. From appearance to taste to ingredients, everything is done to give the impression of a real cocktail with alcohol. The aim of the mocktail: not to be a copy of a mojito or a gin and tonic.

How do you explain the growing success of the mocktail?

Le mocktail est une alternative ingénieuse. Il ne contient pas d’alcool, mais donne l’illusion d’un cocktail avec alcool. Il est la parfaite alliance du goût, des saveurs et du plaisir, en conservant l’image d’un cocktail classique. Quelle que soit la raison: grossesse, régime, contraintes religieuses et culturelles ou simplement un choix d’hygiène de vie, le mocktail est une alternative parfaite. Beaucoup de personnes qui adoptent un mode de vie sain décident de limiter leur consommation d’alcool. Le “dry january” est un défi qui consiste à ne pas boire d’alcool durant tout le mois de janvier, pour bien commencer l’année. Le mocktail est la boisson sans alcool idéale pour beaucoup de gens. Il a un goût savoureux et assure une absence complète d’alcool.

What are the most popular mocktails?

Mocktails have made their way onto the menu of the most famous cocktails, adding a touch of sweetness to these popular creations. Today, it is possible to find flat or sparkling mocktails, recreating the many popular cocktails we all know.

The mocktail comes in all the most famous forms. For example: pina colada, gin and tonic, spritz, bellini and mojito. The gin and tonic and the mojito are two mocktails that are very popular with consumers.

It is almost possible to create the illusion that you cannot tell an alcohol-free bellini from one with alcohol. Everything is done to make the consumer feel fully integrated in the tasting of the aperitif. It is no longer surprising to see that bars and restaurants offer a "mocktail" category on their menus. They offer more and more varieties for all tastes.

The demand is growing and spreading. It is driven by a healthy and beneficial lifestyle. To meet this demand, we need to offer quality solutions that appeal to a wide range of people.