The popularity of alcohol-free wine has increased in recent years. Red, rosé and white non-alcoholic wine can be found in supermarkets and other places that sell drinks. These non-alcoholic wines can also be found on the same shelves as classic wine. Wine is very popular in Europe. It is an integral part of aperitifs, dinners, Sunday lunches and festive events. Europeans enjoy the taste and aroma of wine every day. The supply and sale of wine on the French market has skyrocketed. You will find white, red and rosé non-alcoholic wines, as well as non-alcoholic champagne. These products are available in soft versions to delight French wine lovers.

How do you make alcohol-free wine?

Alcohol-free wine is a product with growing success in France, Europe and the world. A few professionals have started to produce this new range of non-alcoholic drinks that look like classic wine. Non-alcoholic wine is more than a fashion. It is a consumer trend that is becoming more democratic. It meets the new demands of customers who are looking for alternatives to alcoholic drinks, without sacrificing quality. This trend is present in France and throughout the world. In particular, alcohol-free wine must contain less than 2% alcohol after dealcoholisation in order to carry this famous label. Similarly, not all wines can undergo dealcoholisation. This process consists of removing all the alcohol vapours from the wine in order to completely deprive it of alcohol. The taste of the product is also preserved to maintain the flavour, quality and richness of the wine. There are many reasons to choose a non-alcoholic wine. However, if the ban is total, it is better to choose a 0% alcohol wine.

Alcohol-free wines, New trend?

The aperitif is enjoyed by many. It is a time to relax, spend time with friends or just enjoy a good glass of wine. However, for many different reasons: pregnancy, diabetes, sport, religious reasons, intolerance, tastes and preferences, many people do not drink alcohol. The fashion for alcohol-free wines is on the rise. This means that guests at an event do not feel excluded. So they can join in the fun. Indeed, alcohol is a unifying factor, it is a drink that brings people together and creates a feeling of belonging to a community. In line with the "healthy" and "dry January" lifestyle, many people prefer to limit their daily alcohol consumption in order to adopt a healthier diet and are tempted by non-alcoholic wines. The temptation to enjoy a non-alcoholic Chardonnay or other fine wine is great, especially when the event is appropriate. This is now possible thanks to non-alcoholic drinks, which are attracting more and more French people, and people in Europe, who are keen to find a similar taste and flavour.

What are the different types of alcohol-free wine?

Red wine, white wine or even non-alcoholic rosé wine, the possibilities are numerous to satisfy, in the same way as for wines with alcohol, the amateurs of the various flavours of grape juice. It is also possible to buy Champagne, organic wine and sparkling wine without alcohol. Indeed, in order to maintain the taste of the wine and try to reproduce it as faithfully as possible, the specialists in de-alcoholised wines have taken care to offer a choice identical to that of classic wines. Whatever the type of wine, red, rosé or white, organic or not, sparkling or flat, the objective is to preserve the aromas and taste of the drink.

Le vin sans alcool : la boisson idéale pour tous vos événements gastronomiques, festifs ou même en solo

Weddings, birthdays, retirements, engagements or simply a good meal with friends or family, there are many occasions to open a good bottle of wine. While there are many wine lovers in France, there are also many who do not drink wine, do not appreciate it or cannot drink it. In order to satisfy as many people as possible and to allow everyone to drink a good wine even if alcohol is not appreciated, alcohol-free wines have appeared. Pregnant women are very fond of this drink, which tastes like a classic wine, without having any consequences on their pregnancy.

Images de la gamme des vins Night Orient sans alcool
Gamme des vins de la marque Vendôme Mademoiselle sans alcool

Pour celles et ceux qui ne peuvent pas ou ne veulent pas boire d’alcool à leur mariage, le vin à 0,0% d’alcool est la parfaite alternative pour cet événement festif. Certaines enseignes proposent même de personnaliser l’étiquette et la bouteille de vin sans alcool, pour ajouter une dimension personnelle à un événement. Choix et qualité : un bon vin sans les désavantages de l’alcool n’est plus une idée lointaine aujourd’hui.